Quakerism, or The Religious Society of Friends, was formed in England in the 1600’s by a man named George Fox and a group of like-minded seekers. They believed that everyone could have a direct relationship with God. This continues to be our tradition.

We practice an unprogrammed form of worship. We do not have a paid clergy. People gather in a friendly atmosphere of silent prayer and meditation to wait on the word of God. Anyone in that gathering, who feels they are lead to share a message, can speak it. Seekers from any faith tradition, as well as those seeking a faith community for the first time, are welcome to come and worship any time. How do you become a member?
New attenders are encouraged to come to Meeting for Worship for at least one year, participate in committee work, and Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business enough times to have a basic understanding of the Quaker decision-making process. Attending a Quaker retreat or residential gathering is also highly recommended.

The interested person submits a letter requesting membership when they are ready and a clearness committee is appointed to help them to explore their reasons for joining. After a positive recommendation from the committee, the new member is joyfully welcomed and membership is minuted at the next Meeting for business.